Toronto Plastic Surgery Specialist - Dr. Leila Kasrai

Dr. Kasrai, a leading Toronto plastic surgeon, is committed to providing you with a natural-looking, attractive result that you will be happy with. The last thing she wants is to have people point at you and say "she's had her breasts done" or "she's had a nose job." With Dr. Kasrai, you'll get results that make you look younger, fresher and more toned, without looking "worked on." People won't think you've had plastic surgery, they'll just realize that you look better.

Her goal is not to make you look completely different – you'll just be a subtly improved version of the person you already are.

If you're looking for surgery that will give you an unnatural look (for example, breasts that are disproportionately large for your body type), other plastic surgeons may accommodate you, but Dr. Kasrai will counsel you towards a more natural-looking result. She knows from experience that you will be happier with it in the long term.

A hands-on, caring approach

Where other doctors tend to delegate consults and aftercare to nurses, Dr. Kasrai does most patient contact herself so that patients will feel comfortable and reassured that they are in good hands. She sees each patient at least twice before booking surgery, and is happy to talk on the phone if you have any further questions or concerns. You will see the doctor through all the steps of your surgery – from consultation to taking out the stitches.

As a woman in a field where most practitioners are men, Dr. Kasrai offers a unique perspective on women's bodies and their related concerns and self-esteem issues. She uses that understanding in a way that male doctors simply can't; the result is a caring, gentle and compassionate style that gives female patients the sense that she "gets" them, and makes them feel more comfortable with the whole process.

Regardless of the procedure you have decided on having done, whether it is breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, abdominoplasty or a facelift, Dr. Leila Kasrai's hands-on approach will allow patients to feel safe and relaxed throughout the entire process.

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