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Your Consultation

The first step in the surgical process is your initial consultation with me. I am a board certified plastic surgeon and one of the few female plastic surgeons in Toronto, Ontario.

As a dedicated plastic surgery provider, I meet personally with every one of my patients. It's an opportunity for you talk to me about your expectations, to get a sense of me as a surgeon, and it gives me a chance to understand your goals for the surgery and see if you're a good candidate for it. This first appointment takes about 45 minutes to an hour, which gives you a good amount of time to discuss your goals without feeling rushed.

In the consultation, I'll do a physical exam and take a complete history. I'll carefully evaluate the part of your body (your breasts, your nose, your abdomen) for which you are considering surgery, and explain the procedure to you in detail, including the benefits, drawbacks, risks and potential complications, and different surgical approaches. I'll discuss your expectations with you to ensure they are realistic, and provide you with resources and literature about the type of surgery you have chosen.

If you have photos (from a magazine, or from another plastic surgery site) that reflect your expectations, bring them in as part of your consult. They will help me determine what you're looking for, and help me explain whether or not it can be achieved through surgery. I will also show you before and after photographs to illustrate what certain techniques can accomplish and to help you understand what the results would look like.

Before your appointment, we encourage you to write down any questions you might have about the surgery or about me, as they occur to you. Many patients get “caught up in the moment” and often forget to ask key questions. If you do have any concerns after your consultation, please feel free to call us.

Contact options

Talk to Dr. Kasrai about your aesthetic goals.

After your consultation, you should feel like the decision you're making is an informed one.

For out-of-town patients

For the 15+ years I've been a plastic surgeon, I've had many, many patients who were from out of town. Whether from another city in Ontario or even from another country, my patients have decided that I was the right surgeon for them and made the trip to Toronto so that I could perform their surgery.

I understand it can be difficult to make the trip out to Toronto if you're from out of town. For this reason, you have the choice of having your initial consultation appointment over the phone. This can make it easier for you. I may also ask for photos of your problem areas to be sent to me so I can get a better understanding of your situation.